Chasing the Light

In spite of not carrying out photography as an occupation, I'm committed to the belief that the photographs I take when I'm out having fun will in some way end up impacting my “real shoots” in a great way. Every moment I pick up a camera, I am shooting something for myself and even if I'm not getting paid for it, there's a feeling inside that implores me that they have to be good regardless.

Having fun is critical because the lack of it will get you tired no matter what you're doing. Often times great things occur when you don't have too much expectations for yourself and that's when the fun begins and you're much likely to navigate towards a completely new style that could influence your work for the better.

During a recent interview, I loved reading Tina Hardison's advice towards people wanting to achieve their goal:

I like to think I perceive things differently now, I pay more close attention to minute details that could easily add or take away from a scene and most importantly, I love that I've become even greatly fascinated with chasing light and people.

A couple days ago Kevin Ornelas lead us to an incredible abandoned building in which the light during golden hour was beyond amazing. Entering was strenuous to say the least but photo shoot possibilities were endless. I didn't capture as much as I would have done in the past but I walked away with a vision of what I would love to execute here in future visits.