iPhone Illuminated Tunnel Portraits

In spite of the on and off rain throughout the day, yesterday evening I got together with Jose Tutiven, Tamara Peterson and Patrick Kolts 2 of which I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time. I took them to one of my favorite spots in Bushwick to explore and as usual to talk about life, photography and how a couple of complete strangers can harmoniously come together in view that we happen to like each others work on Instagram.

As the evening went by we reached a point on our trail where we ventured into a dark tunnel and the only way to see where we were going was to illuminate a path with our iPhones and after some joking around, these portraits resulted which I have to admit I love had they turned out. I might have to convince more people to head out with me to this place to continue to take more but for now I'm pleased with the results and with having met 2 additional new individuals who's enthusiasm for photography and people is as strong as mine.