Chris Ozer, Rockaway

Towards the opening of his 2010 Photo Plus keynote address, Chase Jarvis stated that “never in the history of the world has it been the most exciting time to be a photographer than now.” If you think about it, more photographs are being made than ever and being used in more ways with all of social media but perhaps the most incredibly interesting element of it all is the ease in which we can reach out to people.

This year alone I’ve had the opportunity to meet an assorted number of individuals who’s work and conversations has contributed to my inspiration. In the beginning, my encouragement derived mostly from books and the endless imagery you can often can loss with from online but it’s an entirely different layer of influence when you actual meet people who’s work you’ve admire from afar.

In my mind, the best photographers are not always necessarily the ones who have mastered every technical aspect there is to learn about the craft but more often the ones who stay curious about everything else Over the weekend, I partnered up with Chris Ozer to explore a neighborhood in Queens, New York which he wasn't too particularly familiar with but which I happen to know my way around. My last visit to the area was 3 days following Hurricane Sandy. As it’s been the case with most photographers I’ve been meeting, I love that the dialogues have been less about technical jargon or camera gear and more about life.