Gabriel Flores, Chinatown, New York

Nowadays, there's virtually an unlimited number of places where you can meet people. We're constantly surrounded by the opportunity to do so as long as we have the willingness. I'm always up for filling my life with interesting interactions even though I know for others, there still seems to be a social prohibition against talking to strangers or meeting up with people who've you friended online.

People have their own variety of interest and needs and not every one of them can be fulfilled with the friends they currently have and so when I began engaging more with local people who's work I think highly of on Instagram, it still wasn't enough for me to just "know them" online.

The value in photowalks is in the chance to mingle with like-minded people, make tangible connections, extract ideas and approaches all which can help you advance in your craft. I did my best in spending some time with most of the photographers during a recent walk which originated in Chinatown one of which was Gabriel Flores - a musician, woodcrafter and photographer.

Originally from Arizona but now residing in Brooklyn and together with his wife April, they've recently launched a project entitled Native Kind.