Joshua Allen Harris, Chinatown, New York

I don’t recall ever fully writing about it but last year in August, I attended an 1hr 1/2 photography Workshop in Williamsburg Brooklyn entitled Improving Your Mobile Photography conducted by none other than Chris Ozer and apparently among attendance was freelance stylist and avid photographer Joshua Allen Harris.

At the time I wasn't too connected with the Instagram community, I didn't scrutinize my work prior to uploadind and I more or less just did it because it was that easy and I was entirely oblivious of the talented people in the room largely in view that I never took the time fully catch sight of who I was following on Instagram.

Fast-foward a few months later and I recently had the opportunity to meet the guy who's work I'd been following and admiring on Instagram. The highlight of the encounter was being able to observe his creative approach as far directing his subjects. It's one thing to walk into a setting as a casual observer and hope that you can walk away with photographs you're pleased with but it's an entirely different element when you enter with a clear-cut vision of what you want and expect.

I'll admit I'm not as relaxed and confident when it comes to directing people but after seeing Josh execute effortlessly, I realized that being a photographer is not all about fiddling with your gear, it is to a large extent about working with people, with talent, with crew and getting the best out of them. So you have to be able to tell your model the right things, enabling him/her to perform up to spec.