Bert H. Esenherz, Bushwick Open Studio 2013

Being someone who paints for a living is a sort of an aspirational fantasy. Conceptually, it’s appealing. The canvas, the oil paints and the brush are all extensions of what permeates through a painter’s mind and the one way I would think they could feel limited is by how long they can retain an image in their head which is the motivating factor to paint in the first place, providing they aren’t work from a photograph. This is certainly not the case for Bert Esenherz.

His work has been exhibited in numerous galleries both in Europe and in the United States. In the 90’s Bert began traveling more frequently to New York where he now works and lives. He’s become a prominent figure among New York City artists and during Bushwick Open Studios 2013, I had the satisfaction of seeing the respectably large displayed canvases that exhibited his work.