Lyndsay Mclaren, Williamsburg, BK

Loosely equivalent to surfboarding with wheels, long-boarding has increasingly become a popular transportation choice for people, especially around Brooklyn. As someone who skateboarded when younger, I can tell you that riding is certainly a relief from the everyday, standing still life and with gas prices seemingly rising, it's much cheaper than maintaining a motor bike.

Originally from Scotland who moved to Miami but now residing in Brooklyn, I came across Lyndsay one gloomy December evening last year as she was riding along in Bushwick and since then we kept in contact after having a taken a few street portraits.

The times I reached out to her to setup a meet to take a few portraits again, it would always be interesting to here back why she was unable to at the moment simply because she was more than likely in another state actively involved with her longboarding either being photographed for a magazine or being sponsored to participate in events throughout the country. I caught her yesterday evening in Williamsburg, Brooklyn where we spoke about life, actively pursuing what she loves best and in how she feels the happiest when her feet are on a board and an adventure awaits ahead.