Catherine Rosenwald, Brooklyn

Now more than ever, I’ve become acutely aware of what an incredible privilege it’s been in meeting people who I would have never stumbled across had it not been for the common link of photography that exist between us.

Every person I meet has their own unique backstory but after a while, I’ll admit I scrabble around for words, trying to compose a narrative, a description, a comfortable way to present to you who they are, where they’ve been and what ultimately led us to meeting. Mentally it would be a lot easier if I simply uploaded a portrait of someone unaccompanied by a caption but the combination of my compulsion with wanting to share more than what the photograph portrays and the pleasure I take in writing doesn’t allow me to.

Like most people I’ve met this year, Catherine was yet again another person who I came across on Instagram and who I extended an invitation for her to join us on one of our outings. Originally from LA but now living in Brooklyn and who freelances as a Graphic Designer.