Stefan Karlström, Brooklyn

Rarely do we ever get a brief look into the creative process of photographers which is why I found the documentary Gregory Crewdson: Brief Encounters to be beyond fascinating and I highly suggest you watch before it cease to exist on Netflix. In case you’re not familiar with his work, he’s a large format photographer who’s images have production budget that are larger than most independent films.

We don’t always have the good virtue of having beautiful images come in direct alignment with our lens but what’s interesting about Crewdson is that he continuously achieves this ideal moment by staging every last detail in all of his images. Being in this building was remeniscent of the documentary with ow surreal the setting felt. I essentially directed Stefan to position himself where he’s at when I came across this gorgeous ambient light illuminating the hallway.

I was well aware several local photographers had already explore every inch of this building so my intent was to avoid replicating what’s already been shot and I like to think I walked away with something different right before we were ask to leave.