Stefan Karlström Outtake

There was a long period of time where I stumbled over my words as I made the effort to describe what type of photography I practiced whenever the question came up. If it took me longer than 5 seconds to set forth an intelligent response then I knew in all likelihood it was indication that I didn't know myself what it is that I love to shoot.

I've learned that the more you come to know about yourself, your motivations, your goals and ultimately you're subject matter - the better your photography will be. I'm in know way disuading myself from walking away from a beatuiful scenery if I see it but I ultimately don't want to be known as the person who's preference for subject is practically everything. I would enjoy to be acknowledged for a specific kind of work. It might have taken me years to uncover and recognize it but I can in all sincerity now say in less the 5 seconds that the type of photography that attracts me the most is portraiture and documentary.

Photograph of Stefan in the same seemingly abandoned building in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.