The Curse of Expectation

The money quote for me in the article:

It's equally significantally to stress that you shouldn't relinquish what you're innately drawn to photograph merely because you seem to garner less Likes or Favorites from it. If you're not fanatical about kittens or sunsets and yet you lean more towards sharing that type of content then you've completely given up the primary reason as to why you should be photographing in the first place - yourself and not others.

As photographers it's natural for us to strive towards exposure and recognition and when we fail to get it, we begin to set foot on that path of self-doubt. I'm mindful that the portrait work I publish on Instagram may attract less response than a charming landscape photo may but I'm completelely ok with that because I know I'm devoting time to producing work that speaks to me as a photographer and I'm not simply catering to anyone else.

If you still feel you're not amassing the Likes or Favorites that you're convinced your photographs very well deserve than there's 2 points I would like to state towards that with the first being that you should really stop obessing about those metrics and second perhaps you should become more critical about your work.

The purpose of photography in general — is not the camera, it's not the platform we use to share our work but it's what we do with it (any camera) in regards to communication. Focus on producing the best work you can and all the trivial bits and pieces will eventually fall into place.