Tina Berardi, New Jersey

In an ever changing digital world, knowing that you can take a photograph with knowledge that if doesn't turn out the way you distinguish it in person you can merely delete it is a significant achievement.

Analog still remains alive as people have begun embracing more of its imperfections and take pleasure in the little more effort that goes further than just tapping a button on a screen or pressing the shutter. There's clearly a limited number for frames one can shoot which in return forces you to become more economical with what you want to capture.

I own 2 film camera which rarely see much usage in view that I juggle back and forth between my DSLR and iPhone as it is and I can't even fathom having to manage one more thing. Granted there is a refreshing aspect about not immediately knowing what your photographs will look like and it's that very unpredictability that turns images into a unique piece of art.

Over the weekend we venture out early morning to New Jersey on one of our photo excursions and Tina brought along a Minolta film camera given to her by her dad. As the beautiful scenery would have it, she managed to go through the entire roll of film which I'm looking forward to seeing once it's developed.