Published on Budget Travel Magazine (Again)

Much like many other devoted subscribers, the last Budget Travel Magazine that required me to retreat it from our mailbox was the Sept/Oct 2012 issue which coincidentally enough still lays neatly on our living room coffee table along with other publications that ignites the wanderlust in us. Since last year they've gone exclusively digital which I still subscribe to via iTunes Store.

I've always loved the magazine, more so than any other particularly because of the articles and regular features. I get ideas on where I want to go from these magazines, but I also enjoy learning about places I might never go and the photography is a great way to escape and daydream.

 Published on Budget Travel Magazine

About a month ago, one of the photo directors reach out and expressed interest in publishing one of my photographs which I had uploaded on their website with the intention of potentially having it chosen to be featured on the last page of the magazine entitled My Take which is where they take the opportunity to run a readers photo and have them talk a bit about their image.

It's exciting to stay that my Brooklyn Color Run 2012 photograph was chosen. In 2011, I had also had the lucky chance to be featured for my Spinning Ride in Coney Island photo.