The Great Falls of the Passaic River

A few weeks ago a couple of us (Jose, Tina) ventured out to New Jersey and convened with Rob who lead the way in taking us to Great Falls which is this spectacular beauty of sandstone and shale cliffs that reaches as high as 77 feet. The place, lonely and desolate at 7am in the morning book an atmosphere of calm and serenity that was ideal for us to explore the place even in the not too safeties of areas. The Great Falls is the second largest waterfall by volume, east of the Mississippi River, next to Niagara Falls.

I'm very fond of living in New York but there's instances where it feels that your photographic eyes needs to acknowledge other scenery aside from you're constantly expose to on a daily basis which in my case is excessively over-photographed skyscrapers, subways and taxi cabs.