Trekking Up Bonticou Crag

The wealth of outdoor adventures to be found within the borders of New York has astonished me lately and because I’ve had very minimal firsthand experience and participation in open-air activities, at this point nothing matches the trip we embarked on as we trekked up to Bonticou Crag which is located in the Mohonk Preserve section of the Shawnangunk Mountains.

We arrived just as the sun was cresting over the woodland and the glimpse of dawn we managed to witness was spectacular. We lingered at the summit for about 2hrs and it was an ever-changing paradise that I can’t begin to describe the effect it had on me. Everyone present was continually scrambling around from area to area shooting, directing one another for portraits and finding the best light to capture the towering cliffs that dominated the landscape.

I don’t have an ambivalent relationship towards heights but if you do then perhaps the mere sight and idea of walking along a ledge, squirming up a rock slab and scrambling over big boulders may not come across as enticing but the view at the summit overthrows any fears you may have.

You don’t have to ascend up the scramble as we did which is why the longer and barely marked path around is an option. Eventually all of us (Rob, Carolyn, Kevin, Jose, Ilitch, Tina and I) with a few grunts, gasps and narrow squeezes, we stood atop Bonticou Crag where the only thing missing was a flag of some sort to celebrate the moment.

To view the rest of the photographs, feel free to browse the rest of the Bonticou Crag Adventure photos on Flickr.