Malkt Sing, Jackson Heights

My attempt of holding off from publishing this photograph on the site since June ultimately came to an end because what I had in mine after having taken his portrait was to return to the exact corner around the same time to gift him with a 5x7 framed photograph that still lays wrapped in a bag on the backseat of my car hopping that I will come across him one day in Jackson Heights again. Up until now this hasn’t happened.

Following the portrait, we exchanged information where I emailed him a digital copy but I never received a reply back confirming the delivery. At times, letting your subjects get comfortable with your presence is a crucial element to getting the shot and plus, I no longer feel comfortable snipping and walking away as if I pilfered something from them. I love to introduce myself, take a few shots, show them and hang out and eventually this leads to potentially capturing a more satisfying portrait.

While people in public should legally have no reasonable expectation of privacy, I’ve made it a good practice of mine to obtain people’s permission when taking their portrait. With Malkt Sing, it was no different. Let it be known that photographing people in portrait situations is not the easiest thing to do. Not necessarily from a technical standpoint but because people are always wary that their images could appear in places which is why being honest with your intentions is paramount.