Frank Chimero on "Living For More Than Yourself"

So much gratifying content to quote from Frank Chimero's interview on the latestest installment of the Great Discontent but this statement in particular resonated with me.

Absolutely beautiful and powerful view which coincides flawlessly with how I've felt towards photography lately. It saddens me deeply to admit that I don't have a true cause for which I feel strongly about because I believe that I should. We all make photographs for a variety of reasons, whether it's professionally or as an expensive hobby but the reality is that at least a portion of what produce should be less about us and how good it can potentially make us look and more about how good we can make others feel through our images.

Photography has the power to move people and there are many photographers who wish to be part in changing the world to a better place either by contributing their skills, donating prints, donating proceeds or showcasing work on a topic they're passionate about such as clean water, education, pollution or any social injustice.

When people approached me on the street having seen that I'm photographing something or someone and inquire if I'm shooting for someone in particular, my common response has always been, "no, I actually just shoot for myself." As Chimero stated, I also don't want to live a life that all about me. I'm not looking to change the world but I at least would love to lend a helping hand by making it better in anyway way that I can through my photography.