Frame by Frame on Kickstarter

Crowd-funding has become the go-to driver to raise funds for many creative projects and while there have been a few in far between that appealed to me, I didn't necessarily become an official Backer to many of them mostly because I've set a limit for myself as to how much money a month I can manage to donate. The majority of the pledging I've done has been towards tangible goods and not in relation to photography projects as I would love to do more of.

As of yesterday evening, I've never been more adrenalized in backing a project as I crossed my fingers hopeful for it to come to its fruition as I was with Frame by Frame - a feature-length documentary which tells the story of 4 Afghan photojournalist helping to build free press in Afghanistan. To make it happen, both Alexandria Bombach and Mo Scarpelli must head back to Kabul and procure the full story.

I pledge $50 which as far in reward includes an original artwork Frame by Frame t-shirt + DVD.