Early, Early Rise

I've been quite here. For the last couple of weeks on the remaining hour or 45 minutes before turning in, I've been reading and absorbing quietly in bed while getting irked over missed opportunities I've had to produce photographic work that in the past has implored me to overlook everything in view of my excitement to share it. I feel as though I've mused on ideas for potential projects too long. I understand that they have to be well thought out but I have this habit of polishing them too much in my head and when the moment to execute arises, people have moved on. Most of my projects are people based; they require copious amounts of time and access, so that in itself is a welcomed departure for me and as of now, I'm sticking to accomplishing what I've had written down for several months.

As far as the website, I no longer fret over going days without publishing any content. If my goal is to publish tighter pieces at the expense of publishing less frequently than I'm willing to accept the tradeoff. I've never really been obsessed with productivity but having a 2-year old really empowers you to make sure every minute counts.

I had to dig through the archives for this photograph and I decided to publish it because the backstory in getting it is a reminder of the crazy things I'm willing to do to catch the perfect light and hopefully it reveals the dedication I have for this expensive hobby of mine. The short version of it is that I drove an hour at 4:30am in the morning to be alongside the Delaware River by 5:30am for sunrise. The rest is history.