Advice For Photographer by Helena Price

Don’t worry about creating things that you think will be popular for a certain group of people—just take time to explore and document for yourself. Eventually you’ll find patterns in your work and your viewpoint will emerge on its own. It’s not something you can manufacture.

This may seem like an obvious advice, but there are several people who go about this the wrong way. If you're absolutely serious about pursuing photography, I believe you should invariably be taking photographs of what you are most passionate about because it's that very material that will fuel your excitement for years to come.

One thing about finding your unique voice is that it can quickly become something to stress over. Photography is a journey and while I've gone through several paths and often lost myself in a complex labyrinth of what I think I should be shooting, I'll admit I'm still striving to find my voice although I've recognized I have fondness for portraiture and documentary work both of which are incredible difficult to execute flawlessly and not always well received but it's what resonates with me.