Natalie Amrossi, Squibb Park Bridge

I still have more experimenting to do and different subjects and settings I would love to shoot in to be able to jump on board with complete enthusiasm and state that I’m comfortable with portrait work but I’m not although I will say that my active involvement with it has been encouraging lately.

The majority of the portraits I take derive from the natural result of my curiosity and interaction with people. I don’t believe in hiding behind a zoom lens but more in displaying a sincere interest in the subject. The intent is to display the personality and mood of a person which may sound effortless but it’s far from that.

I presume it would have been an awkward moment had I immediately suggested to Natalie upon meeting her that we took a stroll over to the Squibb Park Bridge not because of its penchant for its black locust planks to move ever so slightly up and down as you cross but in view that I didn’t know anything about her. It wasn’t until towards the end of the night that this portrait came about and it was a direct result of the 4 hours of random conversation about life or about anything that. Life is all about experiences. The good, the bad, the amazing, the terrible – they’re all stepping stones on our journey of life and meeting people is no different.