Rose Mayo, Long Island City

This year alone, meeting people who I initially encountered online has become a defining commitment of mine and it no doubt accounts for a lot of the portraits I’ve shared on the site. The result has been a familiar mix of fascination and nervousness that permeates prior to every first meet and in the end every individual has been nothing pleasant and Rose was no exception.

Any time a new or unfamiliar person Likes or chooses to Follow me on Instagram, I do my utter best to tap into their feed and view their work and when they also happen to be residing in New York that makes the find even sweeter. Rose is a twenty-something blonde currently working & living in New York but originally born and raised in the heartland of the U.S. She’s the founder and editor behind, a personal life and style blog which she established in order to keep track of everything that inspires her and what she hopes can inspire others. The site dishes out fresh content for a variety of topics including but not limited to fashion, style, travel, inspiration, shopping experiences and products.

The older I get, I’ve come to realize even more that everyone has a story and I’m constantly truly humbled and privileged to continuing hearing them not just from people in my immediate circle but from complete strangers who Rose was until this past weekend.