Unordered Thoughts on Instameets

As oppose to sitting back awaiting for an unlikely narrative to formulate which would capture all my thoughts and observations from having attended a rather large Instameet this past weekend (#rainrisenyc), instead I feel I could do better in offering you an unordered list of opinions, so here we go.

  • Expect to meet a lot of people and yet at the same time feel as if you really didn’t get a chance to.
  • There’s no need to feel compelled to saunter together with everyone that’s attended the Instameet. In fact, I don’t think it’s possible to move that many people in unison. What inevitably ends up happening is you gravitate towards specific people and you’ll break away from the pack and go about an exploration on your own. Hopefully this will trigger the beginning of an ongoing friendship on the basis of one shared passion: photography
  • One's attire is one of the first things noticed by others, and these first impressions are what could honestly increase the prospect of being asked to have your photo taken if that’s you like. You never know who you’ll run into. Fashion is a method of self-expression so if it’s something as simple as wearing yellow rain boots and carrying an easily seen red umbrella, then you’re golden. As far as I can recall, Cubby has always had a distinct way of dressing and in addition to being a very approachable and outgoing person, how could you not want to take a portrait of the guy so it’s understandable why everyone gravitates towards him.
  • Don’t be so high-strung. You may not know every person you encounter at the Instameet but there’s a chance that people may know of you in view of your work so be as affable as people assume you may be. There’s nothing more disappointing than admiring someone’s work and realizing that the person behind the camera in real life is too haughty to say “hi” or even acknowledge people outside of their social circle.
  • Often times Instameets are held among one of the most touristy and over-photographed settings ever and so there’s this pushback on your end to not consider attending in view that there’s no way that you could feel inspired to shoot a setting that’s been shot from every possible angle. I’ve thought about this every single time and what’s changed my view is that I’m not attending because of where we’re photographing per say but more on who I could potentially meet. This is the beauty of portraiture. You could photograph 5 different people in one setting and each one of those frames has the likelihood of being special in their own way.
  • Get use to the occasional “Oh, you’re @your_handle.” Not everyone utilizes a straightforward photo of themselves as their avatar so we were all asked to wear name tags to identify each other and it was amazing to finally put a face to the photographs of the person who’s work we admire and that we’ve only known through their handle.
  • Not everyone that’s on Instagram needs to attend an Instameet just like not every photo published on the service is a work of art. Everyone makes use of the service differently but if you’re the type that easily gets adrenalized by being in close proximity of likeminded people and truly adore the stunning community that’s organically grown around the service then I encourage you to attend at least one.