Laura Prado, New York

Being tucked away in the home office, propped in front of the computer enjoying a sweet cinnamon spice tea as I type away recounting everything I could remember about my encounter with a new person is generally both soothing and straightforward and yet here I am wrestling with what to write about Laura. She was one of the hundreds of people who attended an all day Instameet in New York which kicked off at the South Street Seaport and culminated at Jane’s Carousel in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

In between mingling with so many attendees, it hounds me to know that I didn’t get a chance to extract a backstory from her as it’s generally the case for anyone I take a portrait of. I know that she’s from Colombia and that she hasn’t visited in 7 years. Luckily we exchanged contact information so I’m looking forward to learning more about her because from experience it’s only then are you able gain respect from people who you’ve ask to take a portrait of. I never want to feel as if I’ve taken something away but more than I’ve given them something in return and that’s my undivided attention.