Alissa Laderer, New York

I might have mentioned this before but a lot of times when I’m meeting people for the first time, it’s difficult for me to just unzip my camera bag, pull out my gear and begin shooting to no end. By the time it actually happens, a good amount of time has elapsed where I’ve had the opportunity to chat with the person already and so the “portrait taking” stage generally becomes a byproduct that stemmed from a convivial conversation. Having met with Alissa with no exception.

Normal people would in all likelihood be grateful for Mother Nature awarding us with a stunning sunny day but if you’re a photographer then you’re well acquainted with how frustrating that could be especially when your outdoors trying to make anything look appealing under harsh light. To remedy that, as Alissa and I searched for a setting where the light would be a little more forgiving, we found ourselves casually drifting into a hotel lobby and came across some amazing light. It was then that I realize that shooting at 11am doesn’t always equate to bad timing to shoot anything as long as you’re willing to search for pleasing light in the most unlikely of places.