Cameron, a.k.a Roon

Approximately more than 20 bridges connect the city to itself and it’s neighbors so it’s fair that say that in New York you have your fair share to choose from if you would like to appreciate the lines, shadows and angles from any one of them. The Williamsburg Bridge in Brooklyn comes to mind when I think of a structure that is just too massive to esteem from ground level so if you ever have the chance to admire it from a rooftop then make sure to have your memory cards cleared, your batteries charged and be primed for a spectacular view.

Unfortunately the bridge is not necessarly what I’ve chosen to highlight in this photograph. Along with a few friends, I was given the stunning opportunity by someone to view the bridge from such a distinct vantage point and while I took some shots to preserve for myself, I invariably get the unpreventable urge to take portraits of whoever I may be with. Portraits in itself are difficult and it’s an area which I had no idea I would have develop such as huge admiration for. There’s instances where I haven’t been too comfortable with the process of directing people but I’ve gotten better and the fact that I have an ongoing repository of inspiration has assisted tremendously.

Photograph of Cameron as we coped with the wintry weather at an elevation that made it extra unbearable but well worth it.