Don’t Look at Photography as a Profession

Mull It Over, curated by Jonathan Cherry, is a series of web based interviews with innovative contemporary photographers from around the world which I attentively read. It’s helped me stumble upon artist that I probably would have had difficulty uncovering elsewhere. It’s also motivated me in initiating person projects in view that there’s not one interview that I’ve read where the photographer doesn’t have something brewing in the back-burner regardless of the client work they’re tackling in the front-end.

Despite the occasional homogenous response, in every interview, the one question I invariably look forward to is where Jonathan ask the photographers to provide “one piece of advice to photography graduates” and the reply given by Karsten Thormaehlen has by far been my favorite to date:

Don’t look at photography as a profession, it’s more like a mission. If you’re not passionate about it, try something else. Be arduous, be assiduous. Start looking at things from your own point of view. Do your thing. Travel, but also start looking at your surroundings – and work, work, work. If you don’t get any acknowledgements you’re most likely an artist. Your audience will find you, be patient.