Stop Looking for the Right Career

I’ll admit I’ve always intentionally been reticent when it comes to talking about work because somewhere along the way when I first began experimentally placing my thoughts online, I was told or I probably read somewhere that it was something you just didn’t do and up to this point, I’ve kept it that way but that hasn’t been the case for others.

This year alone I’ve come across more stories from people revealing how dejected they feel in their current job to having read a book who's laid out a blueprint in how you can break free from it and I think the reason for all of this is because now more than ever we’ve becoming more familiar with people online such as Sean McCabe who have done what most people daydream about - make a living out of your passion.

Mike Rowe is an actor and comedian best known as the host of the Discovery Channel series Dirty Jobs and a while back he received a fan mail from a fellow who’s central theme was him stating that he’d “spend the last year trying to figure out the right career for himself and he still can’t figure out what to do.”

Mike’s response is golden and without further adieu the money statement in his response for me was: