How Could You Not Create?

Side projects are the new resume.
What have you done?
What have you written?
What have you built?
What have you shipped?

This may very well be the first time I've ever quoted someone's tweet but if you follow Sean Wes at all, you should understand how difficult it is not to Retweet or Favorite anything he says because the amount of value he infuses into everything he puts out is straight up golden.

The whole act of advising people to actively pursue personal projects is nothing new but at this point if you repeatedly hear other creatives admonishing it, it's because there's obviously tremendous value in it. There's nothing more important than being your own clients sometimes and side "hustles" is exactly the type of work that will flex your creative muscles. And perhaps more importantly, if you're a creative, how could you not want to create anything. It's such an irresistable urge to fight.