Patrick Chin

Saturday morning welcomed us with an absolute torrential downpour at Gantry State Park in Long Island City which had been the chosen spot to host the 10th Worldwide InstaMeet in New York. Out of the 5 hours I hung around connecting with people, it suddenly stopped raining for 45 minutes and there were no signs of it tappering off anytime soon.

Despite the dreadful weather conditions, I did managed to mingle a bit with new people one of which was Patrick who’s originally from Florida but who just so happen to be in town for a few days for some commissioned work in Manhattan. I shared my thoughts on Instameets a while back and majority of it still holds truth but overall I try my best to attend because it's quite frankly the only time I may have to catch up with people who I only keep up with through what they share on the platform.

Shout out to @jnsilva and @dave.krugman for rallying everyone together and who've practically become New York Instagram ambassadors. The hashtag we used to share our experience withe the rest of the Instagram community was #rainydazemeet.