When Instagram Success Leads To Advertising Assignments

Right now, good or bad, the amount of followers you have can dictate higher rates, but a large following is not necessarily indicative of quality image-taking.

I’ve overheard people skirt around this viewpoint many times but it’s rather satisfying having it come from someone like Tyson Wheatley who’s photography work I’ve been following back when he was still employed with CNN. In a world where having a large following may set the tone with how people may perceive you and essentially quantify how much of an influence you may have online, I can tell you those metrics don’t always mean much. I mean they do but not as a an assertive indicator in how great of photographer one might be. That’s like saying all people who own expensive cameras are exceptional behind the viewfinder in view of what they have.

Tinker Street for me is one of the very few photo agencies who not only has an incredible roster of photographers each with their own towering amount of followers but the level of work produced in the major brand campaigns it secures is equally remarkable. Much like any other creative outlet, I’m well aware photography can be very subjective but I’ll be honest in stating that there’s no bigger turnoff in seeing someone with such a large following on a platform like Instagram while their work is falling short in so many levels. All of which goes back to the intial statement. Just because one may have a large following doesn't necessarily mean you're good on what you think you are.