If you sell to the first person that waves money in your face, chances are very high you’ll end up working for brands you don’t believe in. When you do that, you’re going to get lazy. When you’re lazy and working for brands you don’t believe in, you’re going to create shit work and your audience will be all like, “you f*@#ing sellout!”

If I can't be honest on my own site about stuff I openly see then the whole point of having built this state to express myself kinda falls apart. In reference to selling out, the reality is I've consistently seen a lot of this on Instagram more than anywhere else.

Is there money to be paid on Instagram based on how many Followers you have? Of course. Should you take anything that's offered to you? It depends on who you're asking. There's an aggregate amount of people who's only agenda is to make any amount of money they can by promoting anything that comes there way. These are the folks who promot you to kinda scratch your head a bit because you see no clear stainpoint as to what type of photographer they hope to be since their work is compromised of everything and nothing at the same time.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with having a lot of interest but when it comes to wanting to establish yourself and be known for something, in this case photography, I firmly believe it's imperative to curate what you share and if that means not taking on jobs that don't align with your beliefs, it almost feels as if you're cheapening yourself.

In rare ocassions I may indulge in a few mix drinks but in all honestly I can care less about any type of alcohol so why would I ever agree to promote it on Instagram regardless of what it paid. I just doesn't align with me but I guess I'm in the minority in having this stance.