Mickey Myvett

We all know at this point that in order to be healthy and live as long as we can in this beautiful place we can Earth, some form of daily exercise is needed because without question it decreases risk of diseases, it improves sleep and even reduces stress. In this day in age, we are all so lucky to have so much information and knowledge readily accessible that a lot of time what we’re missing is some type of external or internal motivation. No one is going to lift those weights for you. No is one is going to force you to wake up for that 6 a.m run. No one is going to keep track of your Macros but in the case that you need someone like that at the beginning of your fitness journey, this is where someone like Mickey comes in. A kick-ass personal training based in New York.

We recently met one early Sunday morning as the sun was rising at Prospect Park in Brooklyn. I’ve always been hesitant to ask for advise to any personal trainer I may come across because I’m well aware of the value in the knowledge they posses, so I assume the only way they would be inclined to share their expertise is by charging for it which is completely understandable. Fortunately, Mickey was nothing like that. Leading a healthy lifestyle has always been very important to me as back as to when I actively played soccer in school to now as a parent. It constantly keeps you in this good state of mind and more importantly keeps me in shape in order to keep up with a 3-year old.

To learn more Mickey and her endless passion for living a healthy lifestyle, you can find her on Instagram.