The Basics of Mobile Photography

My admiration for Cory’s work goes far back. He was probably one of the first and rare bunch who I instinctively recall published portraits on Instagram, at a time where it seemed as if it were frowned upon. Last year he encapsulated everything he had learned about capturing photographs with your iPhone into a Skillshare class which I happily paid for to support his efforts in sharing his knowledge. Now, those very class you can enjoy for FREE on his website.

The one unfortunate observation I’ve noticed a lot lately within the photography community is how secretive people can be about everything they do. To me, providing value is what causes anyone to relate to you more. It’s what cause them to decide to take our their wallet and hand you their money the day you actually want to start monetizing what you know but until then, as Sean says, “get people to associate your name with valuable content and insights” which is exactly what you’ll get from Cory in these 5 awesome videos that enlighten you on his approach to using that device you always have with you in your pocket in order to create amazing work.