Benjamin Heath on Legacy

I want to live a story that I’m proud to tell. When I was working in law and people asked me what I did, I hated saying that I was a lawyer because it didn’t feel like me. Now, I’m living a story I love to tell. If I leave any legacy, I hope people will say that I did what I loved to do, and that I did a pretty good job.

I’ve shared my thoughts on Ben’s work in the past and how influential it’s been on my approach when it comes to taking portraits but this very statement which he shared on The Great Discontent really hits a soft spot with me and here’s why. A lot of times, what stops us from pursuing from what we really envision ourselves doing is the focus we place on what could go wrong rather than what we may gain.

I don't necessarily make a living out of photography although lately I've received a lot of inquiries as to whether I do and perhaps that's because I like to think that mentality when doing anything with my camera is as if I'm getting paid for it, so of course that elevates your game and mentality a bit. Do what you love and want to be known for on the side until it reaches a point where can support yourself with it.