Print More: A Resolution For The Coming Year

I think there’s an unbelievable worth in printing your photographs and not just having them all lay to rest in the bowels of your hard drive or memory card. To me it sounds like a waste of great memories and worthy experiences that should materialize into something palpable.

Like most homes, we too have several family photographs hung around the house or standing proudly on shelfs which I glance at it periodically throughout the day and allows me to slow down and enjoy them on their own without the distraction of any illuminating device.

Ironically enough I rarely print any of my own photographs that I take for myself but this article published on Medium by Greg Needham immediately had encouraged me to begin to, specifically this observation:

I photograph a lot within the span of month and it instantaneously becomes a habit to share the photographs either on Flickr or Instagram but I feel that they should also have a place inside a beautiful black leather bound photo album that’s kept right on the coffee table. I’m committing right now to printing 10 photographs at the end of each month so at the end of the year I have a decent volume of my work that family or friends can view in a setting other than an iPhone, iPad or computer.

In a way, a lot of this is comparable to digital music that you acquire in that it doesn’t seem to become real until you’ve burned the album onto a disc that you store in a case like the good old times.