Alissa Laderer, Brooklyn Bridge Park

A little girl by the name of Vivienne Harr learned that slavery still exist in the world, many of whom are her age, so one day she decided she wanted to help these kids and set out to do it in the only way she knew how. To set up a lemonade stand and out of this noble and inspiring dedication a film entitled Stand With Me was born. This past Saturday February 1st was always the celebration in which Abraham Lincoln signed passed the 13th Amendment which abolished slavery in the United States.

"One child and a few lemons inspired a community. That community inspired a movement. The movement created an inspired film. Some lemons dream big." Several photographers and Instagrammers came together via an Instameet lead by Chris Ozer. Alissa is not generally fond of the cold weather but she embraced it yesterday evening for a great cause. The many faces of Alissa Laderer at Brooklyn Bridge Park.