Andrea Smalls

Over the weekend I made the trip out to The Noguchi Museum in Long Island City having seen a few photographs published on Instagram from some locals. It’s a small and unique setting that you can enjoy at your own relaxed pace. At one point I got the sense that while the whole world may seems like it’s falling apart, one could visit here and just fail to remember anything else very much like taking pleasure in a good film at home or in the movie theater.

I invited Andrea so that I could potentially take a few portraits and take advantage of the beautiful ambient light gushing in practically every room and just as I was settling into my vibe a staff member placed an end to my energy asking if I had been given approval for a commercial shoot. I didn’t realize I had to in view that I was shooting for myself and I didn’t have any elaborate equipment setup that one might expect in a typical commercial shoot but needless to say I wasn’t allowed to photograph people around the museum other than the art itself, hence the one portrait of Andrea.