EveryDayHero #ShowSomeLove Campaign

A couple weeks ago on Valentines Day, I had the opportunity to shoot a small campaign in one of the world’s most visited tourist attraction, Time Square, for a company who for the last 6 years has been helping people all over the world, do good for the causes they love.

They emerged in Australia with the simple mission of making giving easier, more accessible and more enjoyable. They’re called EveryDayHero and what sets them apart is that they’re aware that giving signifies more than just giving money. Feedback is what ultimately keeps you inspired and feeling part of something bigger gives you a greater sense of impact and purpose.

“So, if you want to do good, feel good about it, and make a real difference. If you want to see your impact and know everything you do counts”, that’s where EveryDayHero comes in. They’ve just launched their US website and I had the pleasure of being featured on their blog where I essentially recounte my experience of shooting the #ShowSomeLove Campaign, talk about my favorite photography subjects and divulge about a cause that means the most to me.