About The Future of Tech/Photography

Tech is making things dangerous for photographers. As cameras and phones get better and better, I sometimes wonder if the job of photographer will even be a thing in 5 or 10 years. What I have to tell myself (and I believe this to be true) is that while it’s getting easier and easier to take a great photo, technology will never give somebody the eyes that I have - that’s what makes me marketable, not the gear that I use.

Here's why I agree wholeheartedly with photographer Kyle Dean Reinford. You can't pick up a pro camera, set it to A Mode and instantly mutate into an Ansel Adams, but if you hustle and dedicate yourself to learning at the same pace as everyone and eventually begin developing a style that clients would want to buy then you have nothing to worry about. Essentially you'll be hired for your vison and not for what's in your camera bag so the fact that high-end gear is in reach for practically anyone is essentially irrelevant.