Last Light In Brooklyn

I've learned that the best side effect of writing and photographing for me has been that it helps me understand myself. I didn’t start photographing because I wanted my images to be displayed in a gallery or even an idea of what the hell that would look like. I didn’t start photographing because I had some master plan about where all this was going. I started photographing because when I was a kid, I saw an elderly man make people happy by grabbing a camera and not overthinking whether his time was worth it. He purchased film, loaded his camera and shot because there was a senses of personal worth in doing it regardless of whether something bigger laid ahead. That person was my grandfather.

I normally eschew from writing anything too personal on the site because one generally runs the risk of crossing that mythical line between those who could care less and those who might and may have an abbreviated impression of who you are based on how long they’ve “known about you” through your photos, writing and overall online presence. I love sharing what I shoot but I think there's also another level in which you can connect with the people who you share your work by talking about who one is as a person and not just what I do with a camera.