ShopTalk Radio with Jeremy Cowart

Nick Onken is a lifestyle and travel photographer who’s capability to capture realism and candid moments of authenticity in his photographs is the basis for which I’ve always held his work in such high regard for quite some time. In addition to his commercial work, he’s also managed being an active participant with a charity called Pencils of Promise where he also essentially produced their branding imagery as well. The guys is a grade A hustler so I was amazed in discovering that he even had an iota of time to dive into yet another venture -

As I type this at the desk in the confines of our home office, there’s only been 6 episodes produced which I considered enough to backtrack, start from the beginning and catch up and by far my favorite interview was that of Jeremy Cowart who’s a photographer from Nashville, TN mostly known for his celebrity and musical clients but perhaps his greatest satisfaction derives from his humanitarian projects; his more well known being Help-Portrait.

If you’ve never heard of Jeremy and if you can only allocate a short amount of time to listening to just 1 episode then this is the one I recommend you pay close attention to. Not that I’ve ever met any well-known photographer before but in listening to his interview, he has to be without a doubt one of the most unpretentious people ever. He’s amassed a large following, he’s photographed individuals that many people idolized and yet when he’s asked to reflect on his career and accolades, he has this to say:

In its core, doing humanitarian photography is a part of giving back to the world and although there’s no question that Jeremy feels blessed for what he does for a living, it’s clear that what holds an even stronger significance for him is to continue doing good for people by using his talents and skills to help make a small impact on the world.