Urbex With Cameron

Now more than ever it’s become a growing cultural fascination with exploring and documenting abandoned places. There’s just something about walking through a desolate and dilapidated hallway or leaping over fences so that one could photograph discarded personal belongings or utilized one of the may gloomy settings as a backdrop while a friend poses in disbelief that such as place is still around. All in all in my case it’s truly done for benign purposes and not for propagating vandalism although from an outsiders perspective it tends to all come into view as the same.

I’ve been to this particular location one to many times and while I no longer venture out with the same level of excitement as I did when I discovered it, I’m always willing to head back to recapture that misplaced thrill through the eyes of friends who are taking it all in for the first time. Unlike other people who visit these forsaken places, I feel like I’m just being a curious artist taking in the uniqueness of each architectural beauty.