Claire Fountain in Studio

The truth is I know very little about yoga other than having one day watched a documentary that followed actor Jeremy Piven on a trip of a lifetime to Southern and Northern India and gave us a glimpse into the spiritual discipline of yoga which involves breath control, simple meditation and adoption of certain postures of the body that make you cringe at mere sight.

There’s countless ways of enlightening yourself on the discipline but rather than taking a course, reading a book or watching a video on it, I did the next best thing which seems to have become a customary thing for me and that is to reach out to someone who not only teaches it themselves but who breathes it. Despite how society may look at it, yoga is not just a female practice because everyone can gain something from studying it.

Having perused a few books on the subject and in conversation with Claire, there’s no question in the multitude of positive results people gain from yoga. It builds muscle, increases flexibility and more importantly it creates a positive energy which Claire is absolutely full of. I don’t think I can recall a moment where her outlook in life was anything but enthusiastic and uplifting. Having an understanding of your body I believe is essential and anytime you have the opportunity to connect with a person that’s more than willing to remind you of that truth you take it because in the end, the physical benefits transition into mental well-being.

To follow along Claire’s routines and inspirational lifestyle, you can find her on Instagram with her handle @cbquality.