Lowtide with Michelle & Greg

I have to admit I’m quite envious at practically every photographer living in the Northwest because here in New York, at least we’re I reside, there’s very little opportunity to pack up on a whim and venture out to shoot the great outdoors where you have a choice between a multitude of Mother Nature’s backdrops such as an enchanting forest, exquisite water falls, captivating lakes or rivers.

The places where you are likely to find any of these natural settings require a minimum of a 3-4 hour drive from New York City and that’s not an excursion that’s relatively easy to pull off, at least not for me which is why I’m constantly scouting locations close to home and that doesn’t include the typical concrete jungle that comes to mind when you think of New York.

In a few months, Greg and Michelle will embark upon an amazing road trip to explore the natural wonders of our nation that man could never engineer. Their trip will take them from coast to coast in search of creative inspiration for their art and freedom which can only be found on the open road and living off the grid on their 1982 Turbo-Diesel Volkswagen Vanagon affectionately named Arabella. They won’t be departing from New York until the Fall which. Over the weekend I had the opportunity to explore a bit where we talked about life, photography and our mutual enthusiasm for travel.