Michelle Romeo Outakes

Wish I could provide you with more of a backstory to these photographs but I believe the title of this entry says it all. Outakes from the amazing early Saturday morning I had exploring with one of the cutest couples - Michelle & Greg.

On a seperate note, I shared some of these photographs on Instagram and in addition to a lot of the encourging feedback I received, I was always asked a lot about where these photographs were taken. When I'm not photographing, I literally spend an obsessive amount of time scouting potential settings to photograph some of which are easily recognizable but others are not. I have nothing against sharing where these places are but there's times where I admit I've heldback from revealing either because the person who informed me requested that I keep the location classified. Other times I'm reticent to share at the risk of such a place potentially becoming bombarded with people which could lead to ruining it for everyone.