Alissa Laderer, Studio Pt.1

If you begin to distinguish familiar faces on the site as far as portraits that I publish, it’s probably because I had such joy working with that individual in the first place so I reached out to them again, although I must say that I’m notorious for reaching out to new people regularly either via Instagram Direct, Twitter or email.

Alissa is no stranger to being in front of the camera and she’s probably without question the most unchallenging person to photograph because it’s practically impossible to take a bad photo of her. Providing the model direction for what I envision a shoot to look like is an area that I’m really adamant in improving in. For this shoot, I scouted a location, I made styling recommendations and everything else just came together seamlessly.

When you’re just starting off with portraiture, it invariably helps when working with models who’ve been doing it for such a long time like Alissa although I have to admit there’s also the complication of getting spoiled with thinking that you’ll always be working with a person that knows what to do and when they don’t that’s where ones comes in.

What experimented with 2 different outfits and this is Pt.1 of our session.