Snapwire: Success Through Passion For Mobile Photographers

Any time I stumble across an app or service that professes to want to help you earn a little extra cash by selling the photographs you so enthusiastically take with your mobile device, I instantly look away because it sounds too good to be true and if it is then there’s a catch that leaves you thinking why you even bother looking into it in the first place. I can’t think of any off the top of my head which is a good indication as to how little attention I pay to these services but Snapwire is one that really fished me in.

Why paraphrase how the service works when they already do a fantastic job describing their mission and how Snapwire works:

I signed up immediately although I must admit that the one aspect which throws me off a bit is how they accentuate “mobile photographers” and yet a great deal of images submitted by people who have a status level of “Expert”, “Elite” or “Pro” have clearly not be shot with a mobile phone but with a regular DSLR camera.

In any case, I really appreciate that Snapwire respects the photographers by allowing them to retain control of the copyright of their images in addition to paying them for them.