Alissa Laderer, Studio Pt. 2

I’ve reached a point in my photography where I’ve started to really plan out different projects that require for me to step even further out of my comfort zone most of which include wardrobe styling and model directing. At this point I believe it’s important to recognize what one’s style is photographically and to theme shoots accordingly and not just leave everything up to chance.

The space in which in which I had the opportunity to shoot with Alissa was absolutely stunning. A photographer’s nirvana in view of the ridiculous amount of gorgeous ambient light accentuated with an all minimalistic white space. Like most of the people you generally see portrait of, I met Alissa through Instagram and anytime you can fraternize with a person outside of what brought you together in the first place is invariably a good sign.

A couple weeks ago, a very instructive and enlightening article was published on Fstoppers entitled Don’t Pose, Give Direction that essentially gives you pointers on how to make your images appear more natural as oppose to overly contrived and cheesy. If improving your portraiture is as vital to you as it currently is to me then I highly suggest you give it a read.