Why you’re not a digital superstar

There really are too many people telling us how to become a better writer or a better filmmaker or a better business-person, focusing on the form, the platform or the technique; and not enough people reminding us that none of that really matters unless you have something to say.

This reminds me a lot of the expression which says it’s less about the title you have and more about the work you do and the value you bring. Regardless of any flattering remarks I may humbly receive on anything I shoot, I can tell you I’m consistently self-conscious with anything I put out there and even more so when I ask myself the question of whether any of it is valuable to anyone. Does it serve a purpose? Granted not everything has to be this perfectly compose shot infused with deep interpretation of life but it certainly excites me more when I’ve been given the opportunity to shoot something or someone that will be affected positively by my contribution. The more you question how valuable ou can be the more intentional you'll become with what you choose to photograph.